To Empower, Mentor, Connect, and Reshape

The Refugee Women’s Health Community Advisory Coalition (RWHCAC) has been established to collaborate and inform the direction of the Refugee Women’s Health Clinic (RWHC).    
The RWHCAC is structured in seven working committees, each with elective chairs: 

Public Relations: In charge of advertising and marketing materials, contacting local and national media and/or newspapers when appropriate, putting programs together for events, addressing collaboration opportunities and sharing information. 

Programs Promotions: Responsible for developing outreach strategies for both patient contacts and referrals processes, engaging in community outreach activities and distributing RWHC materials. 

Education: Develop elaborate educational materials, maybe selected to participate or conduct trainings, assist with translation and interpretation services when appropriate. 

Resource Development:  In charge of looking for funding opportunities, incentives or small gifts for patients, grant writing and other funding sources. 

Research: Assist in conducting needs assessments, development survey instruments for program evaluation and assist with data collection. 

University: In charge of mobilizing the student and young adult partnerships, chief activities include organizing university presentations for student groups, public outreach and coordinating short-term projects.

Strategic Planning: In charge of informing the RWHC directions by ensuring stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process and have ways of communicating concerns, and new areas of interest.  They address emerging refugee health care priorities and explore training opportunities of the RWHCAC members. 

*NEW* Political Advocacy:
Maintains a relationship with legislators and community leaders, monitors legislative agendas to find and act upon issues of interest to the RWHC, advocates for political action on relevant issues, and provides civic education and encourages civic engagement in the refugee community.