• Locally Accessible, Globally Minded: Helping refugee families navigate the U.S. healthcare system and increase health seeking behavior with a staff that is multicultural and multilingual representing the diverse backgrounds of the refugees themselves.

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  • Empowering Women: Eliminating myths surrounding labor and delivery and preventative health services.

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  • Providing culturally sensitive healthcare to a growing refugee and immigrant community.

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About the Clinic

The Refugee Women’s Health Clinic center provides access to comprehensive, culturally sensitive care for refugee women in and around Phoenix.

The overarching purpose of the Refugee Women’s Health Clinic is to provide culturally grounded and linguistically appropriate health services to the growing refugee and immigrant community in the Phoenix metropolitan area while seeking to reduce/eliminate health disparities and cultural barriers to care.


Since opening in 2008, the clinic has enhanced access to culturally competent women's health services for more than 5,000 refugee women and generated high levels of patient satisfaction.


In addition to health services, the clinic's educational classes have increased awareness of breast cancer and mammography (including the likelihood of performing monthly breast examinations) and helped women better plan for childbirth and the care of their newborn infants and children.

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